J. Cox Orthodontics is the dental practice of Dr. Jessica Cox, an orthodontic specialist. Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that helps treat improper bites. Located in Hernando, Mississippi, J. Cox Orthodontics offers a wide variety of orthodontic treatments, from traditional braces to aesthetic alternatives such as Invisalign® and Incognito™ for children, teens and adults. For more information, visit www.jcoxortho.com.

The Challenge

Dr. Jessica Cox was opening her first practice in Hernando, Mississippi, while still in residency in St. Louis, Missouri. She needed assistance with office décor and turned to the experts at MBI, who helped her select furniture, fabric, paint, lighting and other finishes. “I didn’t have time to drive back and forth to look at paint colors and such,” Dr. Cox explained. Instead, MBI designer Whitney Joiner met her in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to discuss her wants and needs. “I showed her my logo and color scheme that I wanted to use throughout the office,” Dr. Cox said. “We picked out a piece of wallpaper I fell in love with. She just ran with it from there!” Joiner also worked seamlessly with architect Michael Walker, who was working on J. Cox Orthodontics as well. “Michael was a pleasure to work with,” says Joiner, “and it’s so important for architects and designers to collaborate when working on an environment so that their respective ideas come together to create the best possible space for the client.” When it came to sharing her ideas with the client, Joiner sent Dr. Cox samples of what she thought would work best for the office via overnight mail. Joiner notes, “Dr. Cox was not only easy and fun to work with, but she has great taste. Being in different cities during the design stage presented us with unique challenges, but with the help of technology and communication tools, we were able to work well together remotely.”

The Solution

Much of the lobby and desk furniture was ordered through MBI. “We emphasized commercial-grade furniture in the high-traffic areas,” Joiner noted. “Some pieces in her office are not necessarily MBI product, but we used our design expertise to help her select those pieces as well, in order to have a consistent look throughout.” Dr. Cox said she was very pleased with the results. “MBI made things nice and easy,” she said. “I had a vested interest in the office reflecting my personality, and Whitney really pulled that together. She saw my vision.” Dr. Cox said she’s received a lot of positive feedback on the office décor. “The patients and the parents say they love the space and the colors,” she said. “I hear that from pretty much everyone who walks through the door.”