Discover Why Analytics Is Important In The Work Space

In today’s moving world, we are seeing a wider variety of needs and uses for office equipment. There is more…

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Gesture: Technology and Comfort In A Chair

In today’s moving world, we are seeing a wider variety of needs and uses for office equipment. There is more…

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health care furniture solutions

Media:Scape: Communicate And Share With Patients Easily

Healthcare has been evolving steadily over the past several decades. Many different medical fields have seen growth and breakthroughs. Today,…

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Comfortably Working From Home Has Never Felt So Good

Working from home has become more popular in the last decade. Home offices are springing up all around the country.…

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Workplace Advisor by Steelcase

Workplace Advisor: Get The Most Out Of Your Workspace

Having a Workplace Advisor just made working that much better! Now, get the most out of your office and increase…

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Sonet Qt

Sonet Qt: Promote Privacy, Productivity, and Comfort Now

We live in a loud world, and with the Sonet Qt, we can regain some quiet. Silence is more challenging…

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workcafe new places to work

WorkCafe: Retreat And Engage With Ease

Today, workspaces are changing. Here at Steelcase, we can see a considerable shift in office space designs. However, many of…

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Umami Lounge System

Seize Luxury with the Umami Lounge System Now

Workspaces are transforming, and the Umami Lounge System is a testament as to just how far we’ve come. New companies…

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Surface Materials by Steelcase

Discover How To Personalize Your Workspace

When it comes to designing our workspace, we often do not give much thought to materials. However, these materials can…

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Mackinac is a desk based system from Steelcase that provides flexibility as people move from different activities throughout the day.

Focus, Collaborate, and Rejuvenate with the Mackinac Now

Workstations are getting a facelift with the Mackinac workspace. Many times we view an office area as something that we…

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Education solutions by Steelcase

Educational Spaces: Redesign With New Technology Now

Educational spaces are ever changing. The way we view our classrooms and even interact within the educational spaces is evolving.…

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