Inspirational Spaces: An Exciting Office Renaissance

If your organization enjoys team building, then it would be a good idea to be open to a hyper-collaboration workspace.…

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People working in a highly collaborative innovation work place

Why A Hyper-Collaboration Workspace Is Important To Teambuilding

If your organization enjoys team building then it would be a good idea to be open to a hyper-collaboration workspace.

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quiet area

Inspirational Spaces: An Exciting Office Renaissance

The new office renaissance has given a little bit of new life to many workspaces. These inspirational spaces are breathing…

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Cobi conference chair

Why Collaboration Matters In The Workplace

As the workplace methods shift, so too does the importance of collaboration. While we see vast movements in the ways…

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Answer Fence with Migration

Promote Healthy Happy Employees With The Migration Desk

Over the past several months we have seen more of a push for employee wellbeing in the workplace. Everything that…

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Elective elements workstation solutions

Challenge The Workplace with Elective Elements Now

Steelcase is consistently challenging the way offices operate. The shift in how work is happening in the workspace is also…

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Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces: Innovation In The Future Of Work

Creative spaces are helping to change the way work is done in the office. Steelcase and Microsoft are partnering to…

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B-Free lounge furniture

Empower Your Work Space With B-Free

Working through the office crazy can be overwhelming at times. The  B-Free collection allows small areas to be set aside,…

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workcafe new places to work

WorkCafe: Retreat And Engage With Ease

Today, workspaces are changing. Here at Steelcase, we can see a considerable shift in office space designs. However, many of…

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Umami Lounge System

Seize Luxury with the Umami Lounge System Now

Workspaces are transforming, and the Umami Lounge System is a testament as to just how far we’ve come. New companies…

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photo of people talking

Superior Designs: Innovation With You In Mind

Innovation is always happening. Here at Steelcase, we are committed to maintaining a high level of design and comfort. As…

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