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Node with ShareSurface

Node with ShareSurface is designed to foster a better shared healthcare experience for clinicians, patients and family members. Available Fall 2016

Max Stacker III
Max-Stacker III

Max-Stacker III offers proven performance and durability in a stackable chair. With a wide range of colors and finishes, it seamlessly integrates with today’s Steelcase furniture for a cohesive design aesthetic.


ScapeSeries is a small table, incorporating power outlets enabling, users to easily charge all mobile devices. It can be associated with media:scape technology, which allows easy connection and screen.

Leap Chair

Leap by Steelcase is a desk chair that provides a high performance, ergonomic solution for any office.


Gesture by Steelcase is the first chair designed to support our interactions with today’s technologies.

Verb by Steelcase

Verb is an integrated collection of classroom furniture including tables, whiteboards, and instructor lectern and desk stations designed to support a full range of teaching and learning styles.

Node by Steelcase

The Node school chair is mobile and flexible. It’s designed for quick, easy transitions from one teaching mode to the next, unlike traditional school desks and chairs.

Jenny Lounge Chair by Steelcase

Nothing says “welcome” quite like a gorgeous chair anchoring your space. Jenny sends the unmistakable message that your guests, clients and team members deserve a space designed with their needs in mind.

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Inside Innovation

Learn. Experiment. Create.

These are the essential ingredients necessary to solve today’s complex problems. Yet, so many organizations struggle to achieve this mindset. What can you do to inspire this shift?

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Creative Spaces


Creative Spaces

Microsoft and Steelcase are introducing all-new, immersive Creative Spaces, that bring together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward.

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New Insight

Simple Ways That Healthcare Workplaces Are Evolving

Healthcare workplaces can be seen as sterile and uninviting. Thanks to modern day design solutions, healthcare environments are changing. Industry leaders and designers are learning that surface materials have a huge impact on the look and feel of a healthcare environment. The most important factor to consider is the way materials work together while still…

How Design Services Can Benefit Your Business

Design is becoming a well-known indicator in workplace success and our design services can help get you there. Catalogs of studies connect workplace environment to productivity and employee retention. New York Times article, “Rethinking the Work-Life Equation,” explains that several companies today are recognizing the importance of workplace environment. They are beginning to understand the…

Don Norman on the Benefits of Good Design

What Are the Benefits of Good Design? Design has a large effect on how people feel, and the benefits of good design are numerous. This is true for products, buildings, and the spaces within those buildings. At MBI + Imageworks, we understand the importance that design plays within your organization. It can lead to more…

The Best Collaboration Technology for a Connected Workplace

Running a business is hard work, but there is some amazing collaboration technology that makes work a little easier, or at least more productive! This technology helps to make the work days run more effectively, and it also helps employees to unlock their full workplace potential. Smart and Connected workplaces are becoming more common as…

Featuring SILQ: A Beautifully Designed Chair by Steelcase

Find Your SILQ Style and Work in Elegance Gone are the days of boring office chairs! The SILQ Chair is designed to fit YOU. Steelcase has designed and marketed this incredible and groundbreaking new chair. After all, the way we work is constantly changing, shouldn’t the way we use office furniture change with it? The…

How to Create Inspiring Spaces with Office Design

The nature of work is changing, and the nature of office design is changing right along with it. Today, companies place an emphasis on innovation and creativity as key skills among their employees. As it turns out, there are also many ways to encourage this key skill set through the design of your workspaces. Using…

What Project Management Can Do for You
Why You Need Project Management with Design Services

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably already understand the value of professional project management. Without a guiding eye projects go over budget, mistakes are made, and things don’t get finished on time. Redesigning your office or moving to a new space are both large projects. That’s why ImageWorks Commercial…

Inventory Barcode Tracking
What Can Professional Asset Management and Storage Do for You?

ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI offers design services and product solutions for commercial interiors, but we’re so much more than that! Our company also provides asset management and storage for all your professional needs. Space is a resource, and if you’re running short we have some to spare. Whether you need temporary storage during a…

3 Signs that You Need Commercial Interior Design Services

Commercial interior design is about more than maximizing on your square footage. It’s about matching the right furniture and technology integrations with your industry needs. It’s about creating a beautiful and serene space that allows for effortless transitions between workstations. It’s about catering to the needs of your clients by providing an atmosphere that puts…

A Beautiful Healthcare Space
Amazing Design Solutions for Your Healthcare Spaces

Since healthcare professionals rely on wireless technology to do their jobs, it’s important that office design for healthcare reflects those needs. Several problems in healthcare spaces can be solved with good office design. ImageWorks Commercial Interiors + MBI has helped many healthcare clients find solutions for workspaces that allow for greater productivity and expansion. Healthcare…

Enclosed Meeting Room in an Open Office
What is the Future of C Suite Office Design?

Corporate culture is changing rapidly, and C suite office design is one of the biggest changes taking place. The modern American workplace is becoming an environment where C-level executives are more approachable to the average employee. Because of this, more companies are completely doing away with the idea of the corner office. What is Replacing…

Workplace Team Meeting
3 Acoustical Solutions to Eliminate Office Noise Pollution

A busy office creates a lot of buzz, but that’s not always a good thing. Noise pollution affects productivity and stress levels in your workplace environment, and it can even compromise your security and client confidentiality. Acoustical solutions help your office get back on track by bringing down the noise level. But, just what solution…

The Future of Work is Creative

The Future of Work is Creative

We face global issues that require all of us to unleash our creative potential to solve problems, make new connections and generate ideas.

Creativity is not only the domain of artists and musicians. It is a process in which we all can engage and all need to encourage.

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